Battlefords & District Chamber of Commerce

What is the Battlefords & District Chamber of Commerce and what do they do?

The Battlefords & District Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based organization representing the "Voice of Business" within the Battlefords and area. We foster collaboration among business individuals, driving a robust economy and improving our community's quality of life. Through breaking barriers, expanding market horizons, and offering impactful programs, we contribute to a vibrant local economy. Our support ensures the financial foundation for diverse societal, educational, and cultural initiatives, prioritizing inclusivity for all businesses.

This Re-location Guide was hosted generously by the Chamber Team in order to support our community and help those who are new to the region settle down as stress-free as possible. 

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Chief Operating Officer’s Message

It is my distinct pleasure to serve as Chief Operating Officer of Battlefords & District Chamber of Commerce. The business community in the Battlefords is second to none, in their community spirit, their level of engagement and participation, and in their willingness to support all parts of the community.

Two-thirds of consumers believe that companies that are active in a local Chamber of Commerce use good business practices, are reputable, care about their customers, and are involved in the community.

Each day I have an opportunity to work with the best and brightest leaders and hope you will consider joining the Chamber to invest in this business community and the Battlefords as a whole.

As the “voice” of business in the Battlefords, the Battlefords & District Chamber of Commerce has a long and storied history of serving the business community and advocating for policy in their best interests. That voice is stronger when we all work together.

Linda Machniak

Chief Operating Officer


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