EV Charging Station Locations 

Discover the convenience and accessibility of EV charging stations in the Battlefords and surrounding area with our comprehensive guide. Whether you're exploring Battleford, North Battleford, or venturing through the scenic routes nearby, you'll find a growing network of EV charging stations to support your eco-friendly journey. From fast-charging stations for quick stops to destination chargers at hotels and attractions, the Battlefords cater to electric vehicle drivers with options that ensure seamless travel experiences. Embrace sustainable transportation and explore our curated list of EV charging stations as you navigate the beauty and hospitality of the Battlefords in Saskatchewan.


Frontier Centre Mall - 11442 Railway Avenue East, North Battleford, SK. S9A 3G8

FLO Charging Station - 11802 Railway Avenue East, North Battleford, SK. S9A 3P7 - Phone: 1-844-825-3356

Porsche Destination Charging - 11902 Service Road, North Battleford, SK. S9A 3P7 - Phone: (306) 446-3833

Tesla Supercharger - 9800 Territorial Drive, North Battleford, SK. S9A 3W6 - Phone: 1-844-789-3752

Bridges Chevrolet Buick GMC Charging Station - 2501-99th Street, North Battleford, SK. S9A 3T1 - Phone: (306) 445-3300