Other Learning Opportunities in the Battlefords: Diverse Educational Institutes and Programs

In addition to traditional schools and post-secondary institutions, the Battlefords, including Battleford and North Battleford, is home to a variety of other learning opportunities that cater to diverse educational needs and interests. From specialized training centers and faith-based schools to personal development workshops and community education programs, the Battlefords offers a wide array of options for continuous learning and growth. Whether you're seeking to enhance professional skills, explore creative pursuits, deepen spiritual connections, or engage with community initiatives, our guide connects you with unique educational institutes and resources to enrich your life in the Battlefords.

Heritage Christian School
Address:#11-20th Street, Battleford, SK P.O. Box 490 S0M 0E0
Phone:(306) 446-3188
Living Well Learning Centre
Address:1942 Kramer Place, North Battleford, SK S9A 2M8
Phone:(306) 446-7177
Centre Francophone des Battlefords Inc.
Address:1881-99th Street, North Battleford, SK. S9A 0R9
Phone:(306) 445-6436
Le Petit Monde Prescholaire
Address:1691 96th Street, North Battleford, SK.
Phone:(306) 446-2167
Immigration & Career Training/Career Services
Address:9800 Territorial Drive, North Battleford, SK. S9A 3N6
Phone:(306) 441-1849
Fax:(306) 446-8707