Mental Health and Addictions Services in the Battlefords: Compassionate Support for Healing and Recovery

Mental well-being is integral to overall health, and the Battlefords and area offers a network of Mental Health and Addictions Services designed to provide compassionate support, treatment, and recovery. Our guide connects you with professionals and organizations specializing in counselling, therapy, psychiatric care, addiction treatment, support groups, crisis intervention, and more. Whether facing challenges related to mental health disorders, substance abuse, stress, or emotional well-being, individuals and families can find personalized care and healing resources in the Battlefords. The community's dedication to mental health awareness, stigma reduction, and accessible services ensures that everyone has the opportunity to find hope, resilience, and recovery.



Catholic Family Services of the Battlefords
The Catholic Family Services of the Battlefords are a non-profit organization that offers professional counselling and support services to individuals in the Battlefords and surrounding area, regardless of their religion.
Address:#101-1272 101st Street, North Battleford, SK S9A 0Z8
Phone:(306) 445-6960